Planned Parenthood
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.


My passion is to help others on their journey to success by providing executive administrative support to entrepreneurs, small business owners, and home-based businesses on an “as-needed” basis. Services are customized to effectively meet the clients’ needs. Partnering with Admin-On-Call will not only increase productivity but will provide clients with “time” to do what they “need, want, should, or could” be doing to grow their business.

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Juhanna is a educator, leading consultant, and motivational speaker. Her work in higher education and the arts shapes her work as a scholar, artistic, and leader. In 2016, Juhanna was recognized nationally and internationally, as part of Indiana University’s Great 8, eight Black Women who graduated with PhDs. Juhanna now works with women of color and organizations to help improve their commitment to social justice and equity through workshops, retreats, and strategic planning.

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Auburn Public Theater

Since its founding in 2005, Auburn Public Theater has welcomed more than 100,000 patrons to experience year-round programming in their multi-venue performing arts and community center. As a hub for theater, art, music, education and creative expression, Auburn Public Theater has brought new life to downtown Auburn.

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