Leadership Journey: Episode 4

Episode 4

Join Gwen Webber-McLeod for May’s special Mother’s Day edition of The Leadership Journey where she will be joined in-studio by Emma Bauso, photographer & stationary designer, Rosa Howard-Poston, licensed mental health counselor and Alyssa Whitfield, founder of Dress for Success Rochester. The discussion includes balancing work life with motherhood and the challenges facing mothers as they lead their children on the path to adulthood.

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Leadership Journey: Episode 3

Episode 3

On this month’s edition of the Leadership Journey, Gwen-Webber-McLeod welcomes Chris Belfi who is the founder of MaxPotential Coaching LLC in-studio. Learn about Chris and hear some of his methods for increased productivity and tackling large jobs, both personally and professionally.

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Episode 2

On Episode two of The Leadership Journey, Gwen Webber-McLeod was joined by Lucile Mallard, president of the NAACP’s Geneva chapter. The two discussed Black History Month, advice they would give to young people and so much more.

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Episode 1

On the first episode of the Leadership Journey, Gwen talks with entrepreneur Melissa Killeleagh, it was all about goal setting. While setting goals in life can feel overwhelming, the leadership expert talked about the process and how to make it more manageable.

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