The Leadership Connection®: A Resource Centered on Great Leadership, delivers services to emerging and established leaders. It is open to any leader desiring safe, respectful, confidential support as they work to become confident, competent, courageous, and calm. Programs and services are offered to individuals and leadership groups throughout the year, tailored to the needs of each organization or business. What makes the Leadership Connection® unique is the one-stop access it provides to a team of seasoned professionals who are available to provide leadership development support to emerging and established leaders.

Offerings include:

Consulting and Facilitation

Each consultation for private or public business sectors, is tailored to meet the client’s specific needs. Gwen, Inc. consultants work in organizations supporting individual leaders and leadership teams with a unique focus on the use of shared leadership to achieve business goals. This consulting team has a demonstrated track record of success and is known for helping individuals become more effective as they lead. We are frequently engaged to:

Leadership Education Events

Mentoring and Coaching

Gwen, Inc. consulting partners offer customized, one-on-one business coaching to emerging and established leaders. The mentoring/coaching relationship typically lasts for 3-6 months. Mentoring/coaching is available by appointment and based on specific leadership goals the client wants to achieve. Each session is confidential and scheduled for 1-2 hours.

Technical Assistance

Leadership Learning Communities

Gwen’s Leadership Learning Communities are 3-part interactive leadership development experiences offered for individual leaders to learn together in a cohort model. Topics include:

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